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Netpresenter is world's leading corporate internal communications software suite. Its easy-to-use software allows organizations to instantly newscast targeted news headlines to employees, strengthening the Intranet and reducing the internal email newsletters/memo's strain.
News can be selectively displayed as network-friendly media-rich presentations on PCs as Screensaver, emergency Pop-up Player, as Intranet page or on Digital Signage TV/LCD/Plasma screens.
Improve Internal Communication
By ensuring that ALL your staff will see your information automatically within minutes. Unlike Email, or even an Intranet, Netpresenter is proactive, informing staff automatically without disturbing them. For example using the Netpresenter Screensaver Player, which as an added benefit, keeps repeating your message so you can be sure your staff remembers it.
Digital Signage / Narrow Casting
Digital signage is NOT about buying expensive plasma or LCD TVs. It’s about communicating, for better results. It’s about getting your message across. It’s about ‘time in front of medium’.
Product Overview  

System Requirements - Client

- 16Mb Ram, 2 Mb free HD space,
· Windows 95 B/98 SE/Me
· Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or later
· Windows 2000 SP1 or later
· Windows XP, all editions
· Windows Terminal Server Systems.
Server requirements
Netpresenter does not require a dedicated server nor special server software. It can store presentations on any existing server (e.g. Window, Novell, Linux/Unix, Apple) using HTTP (web), FTP or UNC/Drive letter (file-sharing) protocols.
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